February 6th – 12th 2017

Week 7

Week 3 of 5 in Micro Cycle 2

Training Notes
1.) After this week there is only 2 more weeks until The Open! If you have not registered yet, go to games.crossfit.com and join team “Strongside 2017” – Boom!
2.) Your capacity work and intensity is staying very consistent. There isn’t music more to “ramp up” but you are staying very consistent with the volume. With much intensity, “tweaks” can happen so please make sure you are taking very good care of your body.We are moving fast wit lost of repetition and you’re moving a lot of heavy load. The cool down, the pre warm-up, stretching and foam rolling are all very important. Please treat it as such – it’s only helping you.
3.) I am absolutely floored with the progress we have had, you guys and girls are getting ridiculous! Everyone is progressing beyond what you/they thought possible. I see you dig, I see you struggle, I see you put it all out there and most of all, I see you succeed. You are doing great! Keep this up, fuel your body with what it needs, keep and open mind, trust the process, and put your life into it.

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