February 20th – 26th 2017


Week 9

Week 5 of 5 in Micro Cycle 2

Training Notes
1.) We are now entering a “de-loading” cycle for The Open. You will see a focus on intensity and load on Monday and Tuesday for the next 5 weeks. Then on Wednesday and Thursday we will “calm down” a good bit to prep for Friday and Saturday. Every Thursday during The Open we will spend approximately 20min of every class working on Mobility and stretching to make sure you are super set!
2.) The next 5 weeks about having fun, that’s it! have fun and change yourself! Become the best version of yourself, challenge what you never thought possible and get to the next level! Just have fun 🙂
3.) Maintenance is key! Make sure to be taking extremely good care of your body. Pre warm-up, cool down, body care, etc. You’re going to challenge yourself a lot over the next 5 weeks, treat your body like it.

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