Week 10

Week 1 of 5 in Micro Cycle 3

Training Notes
1.) Woooo! 17.1 was awesome! :). That was a lot of posterior chain stress. It wasn’t bad, just a lot. This is the only time of year I only make your training one week at a time rather than 6-8 weeks ahead of time. The reason is because I don’t know what The Open WODs are and I know you’ll be tackling them with a lot of intensity. I want to make sure we program appropriately. Your training will be uploaded on Fridays for the next 5 weeks rather than Thursdays.
2.) We will keep the same scheme of intensity and load being high on Mon & Tues (respective to what we are working) followed by monstructural de-load on Wed & Thursday with mobility work on Thursday. You’ll just see it sliced and diced up differently.
3.) I cannot express the important of body care enough right now. Thursdays are KEY for the stretching and feeling loose and limber! You are going to be chasing extreme intensity and efforts – treat your body like you love it and take care of it as hard as you’re beating it up 🙂