Feb 26th – March 3rd 2018


Week 7 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018

Week 1 Of 5 In Micro Cycle 2 Of 5


1.) I hope you’re rocking and feeling great after week 1 of The Open, we are on to week 2! As I said last week, as the weeks go on, we will be able to eliminate which exercises have been done and that will let us know more of what to train. The goal of that is to decrease the likelihood of over stressing/training.
2.) This week will look similar to last week, however, we will increase our load and dynamics. This means that we are still going to focus on learning more drills and skill around the Power Snatch and Power C&J but we can add some load. We will also be focusing on transitional skill between exercises. This means we will be focusing on switching from one exercise to another and understanding what that fatigue feels like. This is where skill comes into play.
3.) Most of your training is focused on de-loading intensity and we have a lot of foundational strength work to correct weaknesses and preserve your motor. Your WOD’s are centered around skill and transition to get you out of breath but also teaching skill.
4.) This is a great time of year because it is 100% focused on the sport and application of your training. This allows you to focus so much on progressing movement and skill.


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