Feb 19th – 24th 2018

Week 6 In Meso Cycle 2 OF 2018

Week 6 Of 6 In Micro Cycle 1 Of 5

1.) It’s here!! This week is a ll about The Open!! We are de-loading and prepping for 18.1! We will be going over this nearly every day in class but the goal is to cycle off and de-load for whatever may be throw at us this week. After this first week, we can start eliminating exercises and we know what to expect a little more, but this week, we have no clue 🙂
2.) We will be focused a lot on skill, movement, and capacity. Just keeping the lines open and body feeling fresh, that is all we are after.
3.) Remember to come watch The Open on Thursday night at 8pm and Friday Night Lights is this Friday!! Let’s do it!!
4.) More detailing coming via email is you signed up for The Open and we will go over this in class.

Brad’s Strongside Story!

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