Feb 13th – 19th 2017


Week 8

Week 4 of 5 in Micro Cycle 2

Training Notes
1.) This week is your most intensive week in this entire training cycle. This week is NUTS and then next week you’ll start you’re de-loading for The Open.
2.) With intensity going up this week you need to focus a ton on warm-up and cool down. I sent an email over the weekend with links to mobility wod and several other sites, take advantage of them and use the information to warm-up and cool down. When intensity and effort go up, so does the chant of injury.
3.) Starting next week we will be doing a lot of warm-up and stretches in class to make sure we address and learn proper ways to warm up.
4.) Be aggressive, be courageous, and go out of your comfort zone this week. Challenge yourself to do one thing that you’ve never done before. Challenge yourself to dig a little deeper then you’ve ever done before.

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