December 5th – 11th 2016

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Week 15

Week 3 of 3 in Micro Cycle

1.) This is the LAST week before testing! Moving into the week of the 12th we will be re evaluating all the test form max lifts to WOD’s etc! Your WOD’s are going to drastically improve as you’re prepping for The Open!
2.) Make sure your Zen Planner account is all set up to track everything in the testing cycle, that is critical! It’s it’s not on Zen Planner, it can’t be on the record board 🙂
3.) You will notice that we are still paying attention to strength, doing drop sets, etc but this week hard a lot of heavy WOD’s. This will allow your body to de-load in raw lifting while getting in good conditioning so you’re ready to max next week. Don’t flip out if you’re Max lifts do go thru the roof like they did for the “Jacked and Tan” cycle as our goal now is to maintain strength and improve capacity for The Open!

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