December 4th – 9th 2017


Week 21 In Meso Cycle
“Jacked & Tan”

Week 4 of 6 In Micro Cycle


1.) Let’s get ready to lift! :). As promised, there are not more long 30min cap, 2mi run, crazy long-ness this week or for the next 5 weeks! There will only be 1 session that long within the next 5 weeks. Your progress has been outstanding and and you’re strength is massive! It’s time to hit it hard and train for the next testing cycle in 3 weeks! We will be focusing a lot on mechanics, speed, and reps. You’ll notice a lot of your training has high reps and consistent % work. Your WOD’s are aggressive, fast, and assessments for The Open. I will be asking a lot of effort from you in the coming weeks. A lot of intensity.
2.) Settle in and have fun! Don’t rush the strength or the performance. Everything is coming along just fine. That is really all I have to say this week :). You have all been doing very well. We are shifting gears just a little (as we talked about in class) to peek out for testing but other than that, you are are all set. Come in, have fun, get involve, and have a blast!


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