Week 1 Of 2.5 For Testing!

Testing = Week 1
Testing Dates: Dec 27th – Jan 10th


1.) Week 1 of Testing! This is such a great time! This is You Vs You – Be Your Best Self! This is a time to see where you’re at and how much better/fitter/healthier you’re getting. The purpose of training and exercise is to make yourself better. In order to get better, we have to track it. This next 2.5 week period will be centered around tracking your performance. Maybe this is your first testing cycle and you’re getting your markers for the first time and maybe this is your 10th cycle allowing you to see how much you’ve improved over time. We are all in this to become the best versions of ourselves. You Vs You – let’s rock good attitudes and hard bodies! 🙂
2.) Attendance, attendance, attendance! Kick off a great new year with awesome training! Keep rocking and keep pushing! Attend classes on the regular, track your information and let’s get better!
3.) Make sure you have Zen Planner set up. If you have not ever set it up, please email me ASAP! :). You have to know your fitness to grow your fitness.
4.) Intensity: Some days may not look super crazy, remember, the intensity given is very critical. Each session and test should be done with the absolute best of you ability. You Vs You.