December 19th – 25th 2016

Week 17

Week 2 of 2 in Testing Cycle

1.) This is week 2 of 2 for your testing – this is the last week! There is a good bit cramped into this week and you will notice (as discussed) that we are not testing everything we typically do. This has to do with Christmas and knowing how many people will be out of town. All these test are still very valuable, eligible for the record board, and give us a lot of good information to use for your training moving forward.
2.) Monday is your heaviest day! Snatch and C&J in the same day! :). Typically we space it out but it’s common to do both lifts on the same day and sometimes athlete perform better that way – I think it will be a blast!
3.) Let’s close this out strong! We started our “open prep” 5 weeks ago but after this testing cycle every little thing we do will be centered around performing well in The Open! Here go! Goodby 2016 and lets rock and roll in 2017! – Speaking of 2017, please remember our New Years Eve WODand the cards we fill out. We will go over this in class as well.

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