Week 23 In Meso Cycle
“Jacked & Tan”

Week 6 of 6 In Micro Cycle


1.) We are entering the LAST week of training before testing! Woooo!! This is a fairly “de-load” week but we will still have good training. We will go heavy but not heavy in the WOD. We will learn new skills in the PJ, the OHS, and progress other lifts. The Back Squat session on Mondays will not be as aggressive either. The goal here is to make you feel confident going into testing. After this week, we will spend 2 weeks going thru a lot of testing and this is SUPER IMPORTANT! We will be able to evaluate a lot of your training and see how your progressing, a lot of you will have this as your first testing cycle and you’ll be able to see these bench mark numbers! :). You will be receiving and email form me with direction on how yo activate and use your Zen Planner account if you have not done so already – you NEED to do this!
2.) Let’s have a blast guys, let just have an all out ball and have so much fun!! It’s you vs you and let’s get better than yesterday!

3.) 12 Days Of Christmas WOD is this Saturday at 9am!! See the jam and let’s rock and roll!! This will be so much fun! You do not want to miss this!!! 🙂