December 12th – 18th 2016


Week 16

Week 1 of 2 in Testing Cycle

1.) This is week 1 of 2 for your testing cycle! This is the last testing cycle before the 2017 CrossFit Open. We are HEAVILY focused on conditioning and improving your base – don’t freak out if you don’t DL 600lb and your FRAN time gets better :). That’s what we are after, your training has peaks and valleys throughout the year.
2.) Make sure you trans everything on Zen Planner! Email me ASAP if you need to get it set up but you NEED TO track everything we do so you can keep up with your lifts and most importantly, your progress!
3.) It’s game time guys! You have been working hard and I know you can do this! This is somewhat of an “abbreviated” test cycle due to the open but we are testing all your main stuff and throwing in a few more things. Again, focus on your conditioning and capacity – The Open is the goal! Lets game plan over the weekend and come in next week ready to kill it!

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