Conditioning Program – 12.3.18 to 12.8.18


12:00 – 12:30pm BURN!! 



4 Sets 

2min Row Moderate 

1min Row HARD

2min Row Moderate 

2min Rest 





For Time – 15min Cap 

100 DB Hang Clean To Thruster @ 35/25

*Every 90sec stop and do 5 Burpees 




Core Work! 


6:30pm – Cardio & Core! Monday & Wednesday! 

This program is awesome and a full hour! Show up, ready for any type of cardio and core work! Strongside Coaches will coach you and instruct you through an amazing class focused on fat burning post exercise (since you’re not exercising 23hrs a day), increasing your motor/aerobic capacity, and a lot of abdominal turning! Get lean with a great core! 

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