Conditioning Program – 10.1.18 to 10.6.18 

Monday & Wednesday 12pm – 12:30pm – BURN! 



2 RFT – 22min cap 

800m Run 

1,000/800m Row 


Core Work! 



OTM x 24min

Min 1: 15-18 KBS 

Min 2: 10-13 Burpees 

Min 3: 12-18cal Assault Bike 

Min 4: 15-22 Box Jump 


Monday & Wednesday at 6:30pm – Cardio + CORE! 

This program is awesome and a full hour! Show up, ready for all kinds of cardio and core work! We will coach you and instruct you through an amazing class to tap into fat burning, increase your motor capacity, and to build that conditioning! 

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