Cheri James

Coach, Nutrition Coach
Cheri James


Hey there, I’m Cheri!

Fitness has always played a main role in my life. I received my first personal training and nutrition certifications at 20 years old and have worked on and off in various fitness roles ever since. For the first few years I loved working with sports specific athletes. Understanding movement patterns and creating ways to move better with specific sports was my jam. Over time I developed a passion for helping those who want to move and overall feel better to bring more joy and confidence to their lives. It’s so exciting to witness people start believing in themselves and discovering they can do so much more than they originally thought.

I’m an adventurous spirit and have lived in 7 different states. I danced most of my life and became a professional dancer for a few years. I received my BA in psychology and justice and worked for local and national nonprofits before I jumped back into the world of fitness. 

Nowadays, outside of the gym, you can find me diving into my love of music, trying to sing, hiking (especially in the mountains when I get the chance), and reading!


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