Nate Velazquez

Roswell Club Manager, CFL2 Coach, PTA Global
Nate Velazquez


Hey there! I’m Nate! 

I’ve been the Club Manager of STRONGSIDE Roswell since we opened in August of 2021. I have had the privilege of coaching at STRONGSIDE since January of 2021. I got into fitness when I was 15 at a time when I felt I had something to prove to myself. I wanted to become the best version of myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Fitness helped get through that journey! After high school, I decided that I wanted to dive deeper into fitness and help others who struggled to be healthier and more confident versions of themselves, like myself. I went to Kennesaw State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. After that, I went on to get several other training certifications: PTAGlobal-Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 and 2, Precision Nutrition Level 1. 

Ever since starting at STRONGSIDE, I have had the privilege of working with some pretty amazing people! Everyone who walks through our doors has a different story and I love hearing it and getting to be a part of it on the daily! You never know what you’re going to learn and I’m all about learning. I’m constantly searching for knowledge. I love to learn more about life through my talks with members, but what I really love is learning how to be an effective communicator with different types of personalities!

If you ever take one of my classes then you know it’s going to be high energy and all the dancing you can handle! I want everyone to come in, get their sweat on and have a ton of fun! I’m all about pushing ourselves to do hard things, including the things that may even scare us a bit. That’s what I’m here for! To remind you that you can do it and you can have fun doing it! 

Outside the gym, I love to cook and eat! I love trying new foods and recipes. As a child, my parents would always say I was a good eater. haha! I mean food and fitness do go hand and hand, am I right?! Train hard and eat well because life is all about balance!   


Come visit me at STRONGSIDE Roswell! 

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