I (Mitchel) am so thrilled to share this blog posting with you! Karri has been an absolute joy to have on the STRONGSIDE team and watching her grow and develop as a Coach and Leader of this Strongside community (especially with Strongside Legends) has been amazing! Karri is on a relentless mission to be the best coach possible and a big part of that is constantly asking yourself to be better, to do better, and to make others better!

The courses that CrossFit offer are some of the best I have ever been a part of. They do an amazing job of breaking you down and building you up with even better tools. They bring you into small gorup settings and give you actual tools to help clients immediately. They articulate how you coach and what would make you better, it’s actually very eye-opening. Rightfully so, it’s not easy at all. To get your L2, you first have to get your L1. Not only are you met with a weekend in-person course and test, but you are also first required to do 4 online modules of learning, study packets of information and coach for several hundred hours ahead of time. I want our coaches to be the best of the best. Period….there should be a sense of pride in being a Strongside Coach…you, as members, deserve those coaches! Karri rose up and took on going after her CrossFit Level 2 and she nailed it! I had her write a little something about her experience. Way to go Karri, let’s all get better together! 


We Make People Better 


From Coach Karri: 

At Strongside, the motto is “we make people better.” But what does that mean? Better how? Faster? Leaner? Stronger? Yes! All those things. But it’s about so much more. We want our members to be strong and fast and lean, but we also want them to be healthy, confident people who support one another and do life together.

As a coach, I want to help make you better, and I want to be better at doing that. I want to know how to give you cues to improve your form. I want to know more ways of explaining movements so that more athletes understand techniques. I want to know how much I can push you without pushing you too far. I want to know how to give genuine praise, so that you know when I tell you something you did was better that I mean it.

So how do I get better as a coach? Practice, of course. Preparing for each class, thinking about what I could have done differently in a class, etc. are some ways. Another way is continuing my education—going out and learning from some of the best coaches in the business.

Last fall, Mitchel approached me about pursuing my Level 2 CrossFit Trainer certificate. I was so nervous after hearing about Mitchel’s experience at his training. He was all like “they just tore me apart as a coach and it was awesome!!!” Haha! That did NOT sound like my idea of awesome. I really thought if I stood up there in class coaching and they “tore me apart” that I might cry. Not a pretty picture! pastedGraphic.png But I agreed to go forward because I really do want to be a better coach. I want to know how to help all our members improve their fitness and in turn their confidence.

The L2 Seminar and training materials far exceeded my expectations. The staff put us each in real world coaching situations and then walked us through how to teach movements (Simply!), how to see faults(focus on one athlete at a time or change your viewpoint) and how to offer short, simple cues to correct faults. We spent time focusing on how to scale workouts for all types of athletes. We talked about class and time management. We participated in workouts both as coach and as athlete to see how different coaching strategies might work best for us. 

Overall, it was a great experience (challenging, but great) and I’m glad I did it. I look forward to continuing to hone my coaching skills, and I’m so grateful to get to work with all the amazing athletes at Strongside.




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