Coach Alex is rocking! 

It’s no secret that we are after the best. Although Alex describes this as a “passion” that is exactly what I look for when bringing on anyone. A passionate person with the ability to be trained in the “Strongside Way” is like GOLD! Finding a coach who cares, a coach who demonstrates leadership, and a coach that wants to be there for you, that is what we want in our Strongside coaches! Alex has been diving head first into embracing the qualities needed to be a world class coach and rise up to the extensive training. You are such a winner, Alex!

Enjoy her story of taking her L1! 


Alex’s Story Of The CrossFit L1 

Over the past few years I set a goal for myself to coach in some aspect. I knew I wanted to be in the fitness industry but up until this year I didn’t really didn’t know what that looked like for me. I have a full time career in human resources so, I knew this would be a true passion project when the opportunity presented itself. Early in 2020 I saw my opportunity open up and I moved quickly. When Mitchel accepted my application to become a coach at Strongside I knew I would be very well supported and taken care of. I knew Mitchel would give me all of the tools and training to be successful. When I started the onboarding process one of my first tasks was to complete the Crossfit Level 1 certification. The Level 1 was something that I had been interested in taking for a few years. I knew taking the course would truly be my first step into the coaching space and be that solid knowledge base that I could build upon.

The Level 1 course and seminar staff were truly incredible. The course was two eight hour days packed with classroom lectures, small groups training sessions and coach lead workouts. My favorite part of the weekend was the small group training. These break out sessions we taught in a rotation by each of the seminar staff team. I was really able to see how each coach taught movements with their own style and verbiage. In the small group sessions we focused on improving mechanics and techniques with effective coaching cues and strategies. I would take the course every weekend just for that aspect alone, it was that good!

Overall, I am so glad I took the Level 1. I look forward to continuing my onboarding to be the best coach I can be for the Strongside family! 



Mitchel Black, CPT, NC

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USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach

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N.P.T.I. Certified Nutrition Coach & Weight Loss Coach

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