August 29th – September 4th 2016

“Lean and Mean”
Meso Cycle 3 of 2016
Week 2 of 4 in Micro Cycle


  1. Week 2 in under way! As we have discussed this past week, in their next cycle of training you’ll be challenged more in dynamic movements (gymnastics) and barbell cycling. It is important that your intensity stays high. Your effort is always good meaning that you all give 100% and that is no question but scaling will come into play heavily. Meaning that we need to make sure that the movements given are no so hard that you can’t perform the workouts with intensity because you need so much rest between reps.
  2. Again, your strength will never be neglected. It’s not the primary focus in this cycle but maintaining strength is critical. For the next 2 weeks (the remainder of the Micro Cycle) you’ll see a few 30min WOD’s per week to ramp up aerobic conditioning but in your next micro cycle you’ll see that paired with clean ladders and heavy barbell work to make sure we do not lose strength. Attendance is very important though. Because we don’t have as many strength segments as the last training cycle, frequency is important.
  3. Get ready to start hammering a lot of high skill conditioning and entering the pain cave! It’s good times!
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