August 28th – Sept 2nd 2017


Week 10 Of Meso Cycle
“Jacked & Tan”

Week 2 of 4 in Micro Cycle


1.) Week 2 of this Micro Cycle! You will see some progression in the training from last week. As discussed last week, you are focusing a lot on the full expression of your movements. Meaning you’re going from HSPU to deficit HSPU, instead of just a heavy DL in a WOD, you’ll have midline work before it and more. Really what we are trying to do is put you in a fatigued state that specifically affects the more advanced movement and have you do that movement to make it better.
2.) Yes, you are still in “Jacked and Tan” and we are even giving you multiple opportunities to max out on a few things this week! Bam!
3.) Don’t worry if you cannot do what is on the tabs, we will scale everything to your ability. Just come and get more fit, that is all that matters :). We are strictly focusing on progress and making you better, that is all. The goal is to progress week over week and make you stronger in the most advanced movement you can do.

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