April 9th – 14th 2018


Week 13 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018
“Lean & Mean”

Week 3 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 3 Of 5


1.) Last week was amazing! You all really took charge of the objectives and what we were trying to accomplish. Every session was met with massive intensity, you clearly went after the training objective and we had a great time! That was awesome – let’s continue that into this week!
2.) As I emailed out last week and spoke about in class, we have MURPH coming up on Memorial Day. So….what better way to kick off some training for it than 1/2 MURPH on Monday! :). See the training, watch the video in Mondays session and we will discuss this in class. There will be plenty of scaling options – we will also discuss the reasons and purpose we do this WOD every year, it’s really special.
3.) There are 2 weeks left in this “micro cycle” and you’ll see some of the strength training stay the same but the loads of difficulty of the complex will go up. We are after strength work in this cycle as well as the accessory work on Wednesday and Friday. You will also notice that as the load goes up, so does the difficulty of your movements such as pistol squats, C2B pull-ups and more. This will continue into more MU complex work, etc. Remember, all of these movements can and will be scaled down. We will address them to your specific objectives and ability level.
4.) Lastly, remember that consistency is your best friend. The more consistent you are with your training during the week, the better your results will be. I know that sounds like “duh” but it will drastically help with the week over week progression. Keep up the great work!

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