April 3rd – 8th 2017


Week 1 of Meso Cycle 2 of 2017

Week 1 of 4 in Micro Cycle 4

1.) New Week and new training cycle! This year was fantastic and The Open was AMAZING!! Great job! I will be sending an email recap of your performance during The Open! We got a good snap shot of your performance and it was epic! I could no be more thrilled :). We will be hammering your weakness and capitalizing on your strength starting now.
2.) You will notice a huge focus on compound gymnastics sessions. Yes, you can do MU, C2B, etc but I want you to become an expert at doing them while your fatigued. I want you do be able to do them at any time so we will be getting after a lot of compound sets, clusters, etc.
3.) This cycle and the next cycle will have a heavy focus on heavy Snatch and C&J while you’re tired. % work and work under fatigue will happen weekly. Along wth that we will be ramping up Front Squat and Dips work as well. You won’t see as much focus on DL for example and more focus on your clean.
4.) You are going to get out of breath a lot more as well. Both in the strength and WOD, it wont be casual, you’ll be working a lot. Yo can do it but a lot more will get done in the hour of class. We have to really focus on our time management but we will be moving quickly so we can give you a ton of attention and get a lot done. Your conditioning will improve drastically but it will not come easy :). You’ll notice that several of your WOD’s are a little lengthy (20min-ish) per week to ramp up conditioning. You wont see “short and crazy” for a few weeks.


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