Week 2 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 

Week 16 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018 

“Lean & Mean” 

Week 2 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 3 Of 5 



1.) Last week was AMAZING! We have seen so much progress in your shoulder gurdal and pull movements. WOW! I could not be happier. We still have 3 weeks left in they cycle so prepare for all the gainzzzz! 

2.) It is very important to take advantage of the isolation work and accessory work. Especially on Wednesday and Friday, do not be super focused on the WOD, don’t try to “save” anything. Your progress is made in the strength training and isolation work – push yourself on that. 

3.) Most of this weeks strength training is essentially the same with the goal being to progress in the quality of the movements (how well you did it) or the load of the movement. We need to build strength in the range of motion (ROM) and make sure there are not any sticking points. This is why we have things like tempo work to eliminate that. This is where the progress is made, this is where the muscle is gained, and this is the attention to detail. 

4.) Overall, we are on a good path. We will go over specific objectives in class but let’s keep this war path up and DOMINATE your goals!