April 16th – 21st 2018 


Week 14 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018 

“Lean & Mean”

Week 4 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 3 Of 5 



1.) Let’s close out this Micro Cycle! This is week 4 of 4 in this Micro Cycle. The large Meso Cycle will continue until the end of July, however, some of our small objectives will change after this week.

2.) We are still heavily focus on accessory work on Wednesday and Friday. You are still tackling a lot of complexity work in the complex movements of the strength trining (complex work of the snatch & clean + jerk)

3.) We will be learning a few new moments such as “burpee man makers” on you may just get your first rope climb this week! :). Lean and Mean is still the objective. As we have discussed in pervious weeks, we are broadening the difficulty of the sessions but the time frame may stay the same. Looking back at last week, we did have some gaps in the rowing & heavy thruster WOD for example so we will be addressing that again this week so you learn how to adapt to heavy loads under fatigue. 

4.) I cannot express the concern of capacity enough in the cycle. You’ll notice we have not been hammering % work as much but rather we are after carrying the load under fatigue and getting better at the sport. Not only does that help you get better athletically but it also help you lose weight, build muscle, tone up, get lean, it raises sex hormones & metabolic rate + so much more!! – It’s a great time to be hitting it hard! 


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