April 10th – 16th 2017


Week 2 of Meso Cycle 2 of 2017

Week 2 of 4 in Micro Cycle 1

1.) Welcome to week 2! :). This new Micro and Meso Cycle is off to a fantastic start! I mean WOW! % of miss lifts is way down, your bodies look open, we are understanding capacity work and more – I am very thrilled!
2.) Week 2 is a progression in your intensity but not much volume. You’ll see that the load you lift is somewhat the same, just adding a few lb. However you’ll see a new introduction to things like the Peg Board. We are going to run some test to see how you look with the high skill movements under fatigue. We will take a lot of assessments this week. We are ramping up the amount of Snatch & C&J you do with more and more gymnastics. The barbell cycling will be minimal in total rep because the load is much higher.
3.) This week will be spiced and should give you a head up to the next 3 weeks of this micro cycle. We will be jamming hard for this 16weeks Meso Cycle to revisit testing after this cycle! 🙂


Don’t forget!
1.) Movie night Saturday April 8th at 7pm! Watch ‘The Fittest On Earth” – message me for details or see the event in our FB members group and email
2.) 8am Class Start Monday April 10th! This class is offered Monday – Friday!
3.) 12pm Conditioning Program starts Monday April 10th! – This class is offered Monday and Wednesday from 12pm – 12:30pm!


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