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Strongside was founded in 2013 by Head Coach, Mitchel Black with a relentless pursuit of making people better. Mitchel wakes up every day with passion and a burning desire to help people. It’s instilled in every class, every member, and every coach. You are greeted by name as you enter and when you leave. If you miss three days or more, Mitchel himself will be calling you to check in.

At Strongside you’re not just a number. You’re made to feel like an Olympic Athlete. You are valued because we really care about you. We want to know you, we want to know your goals, and we want to work with you. Strongside is a family and we do this with purpose. It’s not just about lifting the bar or running the distance. Training is about overcoming obstacles and life goals that you never thought possible. It’s about bing your best self and asking more. Training is about not settling and living a fully functional life that you always wanted.

Mitchel makes sure that mission is instilled in every class. Coach Mitchel will tell you that he knows what it’s like to be overweight and out of shape as he currently weighs less than when he was just 13yrs old. He says, “I remember what it was like. I ate out enjoyment because I was miserable in everything else. I turned to food because food never put me down, food never made fun of me, and food always made me happy and satisfied. However, it was what was making me so unhappy in life and I felt trapped in my body.” That during desire has never left and it’s a true mission in Mitchel’s life and the mission of Strongside to work with you, coach you, and train you to be your best self and live the life you want to live! Do the things you want to do!


We use physical exercise and nutrition coaching to reach what was stated above. These are the tools we use. Exercise is raw and it will let you know how you’re progressing. Exercise is emotional as well as physical. Nutrition is the same way; it requires discipline and sacrifice. However, we will be here for you every step of the way because we know that true results and long lasting results are not easy. That’s what we are here for.

Our coaches are different because they are nationally certified personal trainers, hold degrees in a related field, are USA Weightlifting Coaches, and have the CrossFit L1 certifications. We also have a nutrition coach, corrective exercise specialist, and physical therapist on staff. We use our knowledge as a platform to create your performance. We do not focus on weight loss goals; instead, we focus on performance goals to achieve the weight loss goals. Our main goal at Strongside is to make our clients better by reaching performance goals, such as running a 6-minute mile, achieving a certain squat weight, or anything else physical.

We keep you focused on your performance rather than stepping on a scale and feeling defeated. You will look and feel the way you want by using the performance markers to gauge your success. Day in and day out, we make people better.

What does “making people better” mean? So many of us workout in a gym every day and never get to apply our fitness. Along with that, most exercises that people perform in a conventional gym setting do not train them for long-term success in functional movements. At Strongside, we want…fitness. We want you to get up off the ground without a problem, to help a friend move, to go skiing and rock climbing, to walk around the mall, or even to just walk up the stairs without getting winded.

The coaches at Strongside focus on movements that make life easier. No longer will you feel as if you don’t have enough energy for life. In fact, shortly after you join, you will ask everyone in your life to keep up with you. Your work capacity will increase, the weight will fall off, and you will feel amazing. The programming for each workout is well thought out at Strongside and operates in meso-cycles. This is why at Strongside we advocate that if you want to get better, come here.

Lift Heavy. Breathe Heavy. Develop Skill.

Through the relentless pursuit of excellence, we make people better. Everyone is welcome.



Mitchel Black, NC, CPT
Mitchel Black, NC, CPTStrongside Founder/Head Coach
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Amy Mierzejewski
Amy MierzejewskiCrossFit L1 Coach, Strong Tots - Kid Coach
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Alan Campbell
Alan CampbellCoach
Alan’s Bio
Karri Fox
Karri FoxCrossFit L1 Coach, Strongside Legends Coach
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Matt Raines
Matt RainesCoach, Weightlifting Qualifier for the American Open
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