July 2nd – 7th 2018 


July 2nd – 7th 2018 

Week 24 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018 

“Lean & Mean” 

Week 3 of 4 In Micro Cycle 4 Of 5 



1.) Wednesday is the 4th of July! We will have 1 class at 9am! This will be so much fun! Teams of 3, any gender mix. The details are listed on Wednesdays training. Yes, there will be scaling options! The only catch is that every team needs to commit to the same barbell work. If you do not have a team, DON’T WORRY!! We will find you a team and some friends! Just show up early and lets jam at 9am on Wednesday! 

2.) Instead of the typical motivational post I put up each week below, I have placed a video to watch. This video is for Crossover Symmetry. This tool is absolutely AMAZING to use for pre warm-up, muscle activation, and to prevent against shoulder injury. We have seen massive success with this! Absolutely out of this world success with prevention of aggravation to the shoulder and rehab. Watch this video, show up early to class to use this, make it so popular that we have to get more, and FEEL AMAZING!! 

3.) This week is a pretty important week – we have 2 sessions this week (Wednesday and Friday) where we are testing IWT (Interval Weight Training) in 2 phases to see how your capacity is improving. We only have 1 more Micro Cycle in the “Lean & Mean” phase so this will tell us how you’re advancing in your endurance. Things have been going amazing and you have been learning a lot but now we will really get to see how much your body can give. 

4.) Just like any phase or week of training, it is impossible to do everything. If we did everything, all the time then there wouldn’t be any devotion to progression, skill, or adaptation. For example, we have been doing A LOT of TTB work and progression to the TTB – we will not have that this week so we can focus on something else. With that being said, that does not mean that you cannot go do it on your own! :). If you’re satisfied, then great! Just come to class and you’ll be good. However, if you want to progress movements, improve your squat for example, and develop more skill then by all means, come early, stay late and really work on it! This gym is your house and we are open all day just for you! 

5.) This week we will close out a few more drills and learning pieces so next week (week 4 of 4 in this cycle) we can start giving you opportunity to express your strength and fitness in things like Clean & Jerk for example. 

6.) All the fitness!! Come early, warm-up, do amazing work, d extra credit work if you want, cool down, and keep your attendance high! 🙂 


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