Pre Warm-Up
3 rounds with sling shot
5 lateral steps 5 high knee
5 squats
20 lunges
20 KBS





A.) Back Squat With Chains
3reps OT2min x6
Increase by 5lb from last week
80-85% if 1RM is over 350/225
85-90% if 1RM is below 350/225


B.) OTMx7
3 HPS + 2 OHS



Teams of 2 – this will be decided at random in class :). Don’t worry about fitness level, this is completely scaleable and we have several plans. The goal is to just have fun and workout with a buddy or someone you haven’t met yet! 🙂


13min AMRAP
60 Burpees (swap every 10)
60 Box Jump Over (swap every 10)
60 Wall Balls (swap every 20)
60 KBS (swap every 20)



Cool Down
1.) 3min row
2.) Foam roll hamstrings and t-spine
3.) LAX ball scapula

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