July 16th – 21st 2018 


Week 26 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018 

“Lean And Mean” 

Week 1 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 5 Of 5 



1.) Happy week 1 on the LAST Micro Cycle in “Lean And Mean” – in just 4 short weeks, you will be re-testing a lot and getting ready for your next cycle, “Jacked And Tan” – Boom! :). You will notice a few changes in this cycle, listed below: 

2.) You will see massive increase in shoulder work with bench press and other shoulder movements. The goal of this is to create leverage. We want to leverage the bench press to gain strength in other movements such as the dip and/or the handstand push-up. Or simply a push-up, any shoulder movement where you struggle. We will also be focusing heavy on the back squat. We spent the last 8 weeks really hammering your pulling muscles through Snatch, Clean, Deadlift and other pulling movements. Now we need to hang onto that strength but express it more (WOD’s, % work, etc). We need lift more load in maximal/absolute strength to get new stimulus for muscle growth and adaptation. 

3.) You will notice that most of your sessions are long grinders or repeat intervals. We are hitting the lungs very hard to “peak” you out for testing in 4 weeks. The goal is to raise up your stamina as much as possible. This is why you’re hitting 2 sessions per class, 3x this week and your lifting is in there as well. 

4.) You will be learning a lot this week. You will learn a lot of new movements and what you can do on them. Make sure to make plenty of notes and log them in your journal. Although we may not have hit a 1RM in the bench or squat lately, you’ll still want to know your numbers. The more your track, the better your growth and improvement will be. 

Let’s close out this last 4 week cycle and have a blast with training! 

All The Fitness!