Mon & Tues – August 7th & 8th

Pre Warm-Up
3 rounds
10 lunges
10 jump squats
3 rounds
10 KBS
5 burpees



Barbell Drills + Lots of lifting warm-ups



Event 3 – The Strongside Competition 2017
All Athletes – All divisions
3RM Overhead Squat
5RM Front Squat
*Both Lifts From Floor
*Score = Combined total
*Team Score = Combine total for all athletes. Other athletes may help you lift the weight from the ground
*Clock does not stop between lifts


Improving movement for the Overhead Squat


Individuals: 7min per lift
Team: 11min per lifts (one male and 1 female barbell per team


Death By Burpees – 30sec interval



Cool Down
Spend 10min on problem areas


Pre Warm-Up
3 rounds
10 band pull apart
10 band row
10 OHS w/ empty barbell



Barbell Drills



A.) 5 sets
A1.) 10 BB Press W/ chains – Goal = 40%+ of 1RM C&J
A2.) 5 ring dips w/ 5sec pause @ top of rep


B.) Snatch
OTM x17
2 TnG Snatch @ 75%
**Clock Does Not Stop
3 TnG Power Snatch at same weight



Cool Down
3 rounds
10 pass thru
30sec foam roll t-spine

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