Melissa’s Story

Like many young girls, my fitness outlook was very much based on how “skinny” I was. If I could fit in a certain size pant or not. I struggled mentally. I was never skinny enough. Lean enough. It was never enough. I have always been active. Mountain biking, kayaking, gym most days of the week…. But at 108lbs I still thought I could lose 5-10lbs. I thought carbs were the devil and to keep myself lean and “fit” I would have to stay on a very low carb diet. I was always tired. It was a horrible way to think “fitness” was supposed to be. After having my twins I was even harder on myself. I was no longer a tiny 100 and something pound girl. I tried all my tricks of weight loss. Not eating enough, limited carbs and so on. I would lose weight then gain it back, then lose some more and gain more back. I felt so defeated and hated myself.
I started at Strongside on a groupon and it has changed me much more than I could of imagined. I struggled the first few month not because the workouts were hard, they are, but mostly because of my struggle with my body. Slowly that started to change. Doing the nutrition challenge helped me tremendously! I learned how to eat properly!! I learned to eat CARBS!!!! And LOTS of them! The proper amount my body needed to work and give me the energy to get me moving in the right direction. I started to look at food and my body in a whole different light. I was fueling my body correctly (most of the time). Mitchel helped more than I imagine he knows. One thing that he said that was very helpful was to not look at the numbers on a scale but to give myself a goal. Reaching different goals like pull ups, heavier lifts and so on has taken the attention off my body weight and directed it in a more positive way. It has built my confidence up and I look forward to what I’ll be able to accomplish next! Not how much I will lose and how skinny I can be. I can say that today at 130lbs I am much more fit and stronger than I have ever been. I’m very thankful for being a part of this place and family of people.

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