July 9th – 14th 2018 


Week 25 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018 

“Lean & Mean” 

Week 4 Of 4 in Micro Cycle 4 Of 5 



1.) Here we go! Week 4 In this micro cycle. Not only is this the end of this current micro cycle, this is the LAST micro cycle of this meso cycle! We have just 4 weeks of training left and then we get to re-test a lot! We will be chaining up and adding a lot of fantastic test to the testing cycle. You all are a lot more fit and these test will broaden. 

2.) As for this week, we will be progressing a few things such as the Jerk Balance. That will now move into a full Clean & Jerk to test your skill and strength. During the week you will learn a few new movements such as a DBL KBS, KB RDL, and more. You may have done these in the past but we will be spending a lot of time on them to progress and learn awkward object movements. 

3.) We also have 2 days of IWT sessions just like last week. These days will have a lot of learning and skill involved. The point of this is to really spend time on the movements and quality of movements so you can express them well. I want to see how to handle the intensity. I want you to learn the movements very well and express them under fatigue. The better your score is, the more intensity you’re able to give. The more intensity you can give, the better your progress will be :). It is that simple but it’s that hard all at the same time. 

4.) We have all been super excited with how much you have been journaling! Keep that up! We still have journals at the gym for you and we also added more pens and pen holders for you to keep track. The more you log, the better you results will be because you will KNOW what you’re doing. Logging also helps you keep track of what your lifts are, how much you can do, and scores on previous training sessions. 

5.) Keep up your awesomeness! Stay to the grind, consistency is key and lets close out this cycle! Let’s close out this cycle strong and get ready to DOMINATE this testing cycle! 


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