Josh’s Story

For the majority of my life, I have been an athlete or a coach. That means being in shape, or helping kids get in shape and reach their goals. I have always been about team and helping the team. But I never really took the time or was very serious about my own heath related goals.

I was very inconsistent with working out, but was very consistent in eating, and eating the wrong things. I always thought it wasn’t that big of a deal, or I will do it next month. The classic statement of an overweight, lazy, procrastinator. This attitude enabled me to get my weight within a tic tac of 270 pounds at one point.

I was able then to lose a large amount of weight using one of the diet programs seen on TV, and it worked fantastically! But it involved no working out, and no real accountability, which was something that I was missing desperately. And as you could imagine, I gained most of that weight back. Which leads me to this April when I joined Strongside. I was just under 245lbs when I started training at Strongside, and needless to say the workouts were a humbling experience. Years of not lifting and not doing enough cardio had taken its toll. But with the help of the Strongside coaches, I was able to persevere through those tough first days, and slowly improve my strength and stamina.

Where I believe Strongside has an incredible advantage is Head Coach, Mitchel Black’s nutritional knowledge. He does not just recommend you adopt a paleo eating lifestyle, he gives you a plan, and the tools and knowledge to be successful. He personally meets with each member and has follow ups to make sure everything is going well, and also to see if changes are needed. These interpersonal relationships he develops is another reason why Strongside is successful at getting results. When you invest time and energy into a person, they are more willing to work to achieve their goals.

My weight is down to 202lbs with a goal of trying to get down to 190lbs, which I have not been since about 14 years old. I can say that it won’t be easy, but I have all the help and support from my Strongside coaches and family!

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