Holly’s Story

I first started what I called my weight loss journey in November 2012. I was 11 months post partum with my 2nd baby in under two years and boy did I pack on the pounds! I did not need a scale to tell me so either. In fact I totally avoided scales. I avoided buying new clothing. I wore a lot of maternity clothes and I hid from reality. Truth be told I felt content at the moment. I was doing what I thought was all I could do in the moment and I was just trying to survive. My husband had started a new business which often times left me to fend for myself from sunrise to sundown with all four children. How could I possibly take time out of my day to exercise and eat healthy? That takes effort. So that’s just it. I was surviving but I was not thriving. I knew I deserved better. My children deserved better. The people that loved me deserved better. I came to the conclusion that I could not ignore this any longer. Backing up to my last pregnancy with my daughter I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks pregnant. How could this be? I never had this with any other of my pregnancies. I was devastated, I was shocked and being a nurse and knowing the statistics and the ugliness of the disease I knew that I would have to fight to never let this disease creep up on me again. So that I did.
I did everything I was suppose to after my diagnosis. I was the best student and never missed a beat and kept my blood sugar at near perfect levels the remainder of the pregnancy. Somehow my dedication went out the window when my daughter was born. I did not have to protect her in that regard any longer. I ate what ever and never exercised the whole 11 months post baby. So I gained even MORE weight. It was not one day or one moment that woke me up. It was just a nagging reminder of what I went through with that disease when I was pregnant with her. Cleaning out drawers and coming across my blood glucometer, seeing someone with diabetes,reading articles. It was what I called “little knocks at my door”…they would NOT go away. I had to face the facts and step out of my comfort zone and I had to care about me. So, it began. I first started with a online community. We followed a diet similar to the ADA diet guidelines and laugh all you want but I did at home exercise DVD’s. I noticed the weight coming off. I was happy but I was not completely satisfied. I wanted more and I knew I had to step outside the realm of my four walls to get it. So I did and that is when I met Mitchel.
I saw Mitchel’s group class and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I had never been in a group workout prior to that in my life. Frankly, I never wanted to be. I am a introvert through and through but that class made me stop dead in my tracks and I took notice. After weeks of procrastination and trying to build up the nerve to join I finally did. I have never looked back. The workouts at StrongSide have not only changed my body but they have changed my soul. I really mean that with all my heart as corny as that sounds. I have never been a part of a more supportive group. Mitchels expertise and positivity can not be matched. From his workouts to his expertise in diet I have gained far more than I have ever had to give. I leave StrongSide after each workout truly feeling accomplished and proud. Obstacles that I face in day to day life have gotten easier. I am stronger inside and out. I now realize that I was never really content when I thought I was. Sometimes you do not know just how bad you felt until you feel BETTER! I am just not surviving anymore but I am thriving! And as for the scale and the amount of weight I lost. I have stopped keeping track. It was 50(+) pounds, but I have learned that that number is just that. I feel great and I am in the best shape of my life. And I can only get better from here.That is all that matters.

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