Friday – 9.30.16

Pre Warm-Up
3 rounds with sling shot
10 lateral steps
10 high knees
5 squats
A.) Front Squat
1.) Work to 85% for 1×4
2.) Drop 30/20 for 2×4
These are events for The Strongside Competition 2016! You may do this in a team or Individual

“Nowhere To Hide”

“Nowhere To Hide”
For Time:
Row 50cal
40 box jump over
30 DL
20 burpees over the bar
30 DL
40 box jump over
Row 50cal
Time Cap: 15min
Rx: Box = 24/20 – must jump , DL = 185/125
Scaled: Row = 40cal, Box = 24/20 – step up is allowed, DL = 155/105
Masters: Box = 24/20 – must jump, DL = 185/125

“Nowhere To Hide”
For Reps:
1.) 4min AMRAP – 2 partners, any gender
Partner 1 performs max reps burpee box jump over
Partner 2 holds barbell locked out overhead allowing Partner 1 to perform work
*Swap at any time, burpee box jump over count as reps

2.) 4min to find a 1RM thruster from ground – 2 partners, any gender (this is going on while the above is going on. This is 2 separate scored events happening at the same time)
*Repeat once so you’re at each station twice

It works like this: Partner 1&2 do the AMRAP for max burpees while partner 3&4 find the 1RM thruster from the ground. At the 4min mark, partner 1&2 go the thruster while partner 3&4 go to the AMRAP. You rotate thru this again for a total of 16min. Total burpee box jump over count for event 1, total weight counts for event 2 – this is two separate scores with 100pts available per event.
How does the thruster work?
Highest lift per 4min period, per person counts. Meaning there will be 8 scores added together, highest total wins.
Rx: 135/95 for holding weight overhead & 24/20” box – must jump
Scaled: 115/75 for holding weight overhead & 20/20” box – stepping is allowed
Cool Down
1.) Row 500m
2.) Foam roll quads and t-spine

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