mitchel push pressMitchel Black, CPT, NC
Founder and Head Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach
NASM, NSCA & NPTI Certified Personal Trainer
NPTI Certified Nutrition Coach & Weight Loss Coach

Mitchel attended the National Personal Training Institute and studied exercise physiology and nutrition. While in school, Mitchel hosted a talk radio show on health and fitness called “Talking Smack with Mitchel Black” where he talked about the correct foods to eat and how to implement them into your diet. After graduation Mitchel went on a fitness rampage to learn everything he could about fitness, nutrition, and everything related. Mitchel acquired 5 personal training certifications along with 3 advanced certifications from the highest ranked certifications to date. Along with education Mitchel has an undying and burning passion to help people and he truly cares about each and every member (he prides himself in greeting everyone by name at the door, Strongside members aren’t just a number). His love for coaching members shows in his personality during every class as he makes sure each member has the best hours of their day at Strongside.

Mitchel spent seven years working for the big “globo gyms” as a trainer and program manager. Mitchel worked at many clubs throughout the country as well as corporate offices training clients, training and educating trainers, and managing the business side of the fitness industry as well. After five years of managing clubs Mitchel became very successful at doing it and received many awards from his company for doing so but something was missing. Mitchel wanted to deal with people and truly help them, not just train other trainers and help the company have a healthy bottom line. Mitchel then stepped down from all managerial rolls to focus purely on helping individual clients reach their goals and truly make a lifelong impact on people. “It’s the best decision I have ever made and I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Coaching people to reach their health and fitness goals is what I live for” said Coach Mitchel Black. In 2013 the opportunity to open Strongside came about and Mitchel could not neglect this opportunity. It was everything he had ever dreamed of and he knew he could help so many people by doing this.

Along with all of his success in the fitness industry Mitchel is also a nationally recognized personal trainer thru NASM, NSCA, and NPTI. Mitchel is also a USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach and a CrossFit L1 trainer. Mitchel also has an athletic career of competing in the Ironman triathlon; he regularly competes in CrossFit competitions both individually and on a team. Above all, Mitchel wakes up every single day loving what he does and his life is completely devoted to Strongside and its members. He works nonstop to make sure every member receives excellent service, they are happy with their training, and that they are getting results. “Strongside is a results based business and not getting results is not an option” says Coach Mitchel when asked about the philosophy of Strongside.


Alan Campbell, Coach

Alan has been athletic since a young age. Alan immediately thrived at the sport of fitness, and it quickly became a passion in his life. In the past, Alan has played baseball and swam very competitively. He was the first four-year collegiate swimmer for Berry College. Alan is not new to coaching either! He coached the Chestnut Hill Chargers swim team for five years and the Gold swim team, ages 7-13, for a year. Most importantly, Alan has a passion for fitness and making it fun! He is excited to be part of the Strongside coaching staff. His mission is to help coach you to a fitness level that helps you achieve all your goals, and enjoy your life and activities to the fullest potential!

AmyAmy Mierzejewski, Coach

Amy grew up in and around the water. As early as she can remember, she wanted too share her love for the water. She has over 25 years experience working with all ages as both a swim instructor and/or coach.

Amy began swimming competitively at the age of 5 and never looked back! As an age group swimmer, she qualified for both Junior and Senior Nationals. Amy was a Georgia State Record holder in the 13/14 girls 400m freestyle, a US Open Qualifier and a Top 16 qualifier. She was a 3 time Select Camp participant at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado and 2 time Distance Select Camp Participant. She also swam for Sprayberry High School where she was a High School All-American and currently still holds a high school record in the 500 free. Amy received a full swimming scholarship to Colorado State University, in Ft. Collins Colorado where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and Sports Science.

Amy is married to Dr. Ryan Mierzejewski and has two children Carson, age 9 and Olivia, age 7. She lived in Colorado for over 10 years before moving back to Georgia for her husband to pursue a degree in Chiropractic. After returning to Georgia, she spent 5 years in the role of full-time mom while coaching part-time with Chattahoochee Gold Swim Team. In 2016, she began working as a preschool SPED paraprofessional with Cherokee County School District and continuing her work as a swim coach. For the last 3 years she has been the Head Coach of the Weatherstone Dolphins Cobb Summer League Swim Team.

Amy has been a member of Srongside for 2 years and she is excited about the opportunity to share her love of this sport and it’s community. She understands what it means to be an athlete and can communicate well with children. Amy has a passion for fitness! She wants kids to discover the FUN in fitness! As the Strongtots coach, her mission is too help your child develop their full potential both in life and in sport.


Matt Raines, Coach

While Matt didn’t grow up with an immense athletic background, he’s always had a passion for making people better. This is very well shown when Matt coaches someone in a movement. You see his passion explode and you can see how much he cares in his eyes as he coaches with passion and a focus on perfection. Matt got into the sport of fitness in 2014 and has grown and excelled in it ever since. Not only has Matt progressed but he’s done a great job progressing is wife, Chelsey, and Mother & Father in-law (Ron and Becky Brown) who are also Strongside members! 

While helping others improve, Matt has also worked hard to improve himself and it one of the strongest men (pound for pound) in the box! He currently holds the gym records in the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk at 175lb bodyweight. Pound for pound he is among the most talented around!

Matt is very humbled by the opportunity to be coaching such an awesome community and be able to help and influence others. For Matt fitness isn’t just an hour of working out, it is a lifestyle choice that he is very passionate about. His mission as a coach is to make your hour at the box the best hour of your day, while bringing out the full potential of everyone as an athlete and as a person. 


Karri Fox, Coach

Karri is a former high school teacher with a background in dance and a black belt in Taekwondo. In her 30s, after spending some time in globogyms, she found Strongside and has never looked back. She began training at Strongside with the goal of keeping up with her two very active sons, but soon fell in love with the work, the community, and the way she feels about her body. She loves to train and compete and has been competing locally in CrossFit competitions for several years. She counts leadership, logistics and an eye for detail among her most valuable coaching strengths. Her passion is teaching and helping people to be their best. She wants every person–especially the ones who think that they can’t do it or that they aren’t athletic–to know that they can change their health and their lives, one rep at a time.