Christina’s Story

Hi. My name is Christina Brown and I will be 40 in August. I would like to tell you about my journey into fitness, or as my husband referred to it, “Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. I’m short, it’s funny it’s a story filled with frustration, tears, joy, excitement and a feeling of accomplishment; just like a woman to have all the emotions tied to it, right?
It all started the day I woke up and realized I was extremely overweight, out of shape, constantly tired and miserable. Let’s just say it, I was fat and to be honest, that’s where the tears came in. I could no longer fit into my cute clothes and living in Panama City at the time, my bikini screamed at me not to put it on when I took it out of the drawer. I had purchased the dreaded tankini top, you know, the one with the flowing shirt attached to the bikini top to hide your fat rolls. I was also partially just lazy when it came to actually doing something about it versus just complaining. So I have to tell you a little about my husband’s journey to tell you what actually got to me to drag my lazy, tired self into Strongside.
We had both put on 30+ lbs over the span of about 2 years. We had excuses; stress, schedules, the endless amount of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the break room, etc. The sheer truth was we had horrible eating habits and didn’t exercise at all. He had found this thing called Crossfit and decided to join the local box. I went with him to one of his WODs just to watch and thought , “Oh No. I can’t do this crap. I’m 5 feet tall with no muscle and these girls are slinging around some heavy weight.” I left feeling very intimidated and thought maybe I’d just find a nice Zumba class to join (lol) .I didn’t do that either! My husband started shedding the pounds quickly and getting a little definition and I just still had excuses and tears.
The week of Thanksgiving 2015, we moved to Woodstock and I was going to become a stay at home mom. No more time or schedule excuses. My husband had found Strongside and convinced me that it was a place I would feel comfortable because the trainer was nice and would show me how to scale things down and do the movements. I joined in December and fell in love. The people were super nice to me and Mitchel Black was so awesome. I was still a little intimidated and nervous but he made me keep my focus on me and not everyone else around me. My workouts were going great and I had advanced from the training bar to the regular bar to actually putting weights on the bar. I was feeling a lot better about myself and actually had energy. I was stoked! One thing was still missing though; I still had bad eating habits. Enter, The Nutrition Challenge. A 12 week challenge designed to get you eating healthier. I signed up and thought, ok, part of the equation is eating right to help shed this layer of fat that was covering up my muscular, toned body, HAHA!
I listened to Mitchel and put complete faith in the process even though I had joked that I was going to gain weight. I was eating MORE than normal and trying to get those macros to 40/30/30. I learned what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Needless to say, I was having some major withdrawals. I started paying attention to what I purchased in the store. I tried to buy organic food, less processed food, fresh food, fruits and veggies. I still ate some questionable things, but in smaller portions. I was actually feeling lighter and happier. Fast forward to the end of the challenge and I was back in a lot of my smaller clothes. I also had the honor of sharing the weight loss winner’s title with a lady who actually could have given the muscle gain winner a run for his money. I still have that 1 stubborn roll “hanging” around, but it’s on its way out! That challenge gave me the missing piece to continuing on the path of fitness. I am happier, healthier and getting stronger every day.

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