Beth’s Story

Having been over weight and out of shape for 19 years and I decided, when my only child left for college, that it was time to take care of me. I joined a health facility and started the work of losing weight and getting in better physical shape. Now this goal was no small feat. I started out weighing 224 at 5’5” and having not worked out, other than being a Mom and working in the yard, for 19 years. And, the journey began.

I started taking a nutrition class and walking on a treadmill 3 times a week. But after several months I had lost no weight. I was not ready to give up and started working on eating better as I was being taught in the nutrition class. My trainer, Mitchel Black, was full of knowledge and I was eager to learn. I was getting less winded on my workouts but not losing much weight or inches. Then Mitchel introduced the idea of the 30 Day Paleo Diet Challenge along with the workouts at Strongside. I took the bait knowing he would be by my side the whole way. This challenge seemed a lot smarter than Diet Pills or Fad diets or…
Wow, what a difference! I went from drinking diet soda to drinking water, from eating chips to eating nuts, from pasta meals to meat and vegetable meals. I even decided to really bite the bullet and go Organic. I have eaten carbs and dairy and sweets for 19 years and eaten more of them than I did healthy or real food. I was sure it would be hard to change but I was motivated by living a healthier and longer life.

I am 200% sold on Paleo, Organic, and the training that Strongside provides. Let me tell you why and I will start with my allergies, of which I have many. My ENT and her Allergy Nurse tell me that I am one of their top suffers. I have had 3 surgery’s, take shots, and all the medications I take are allergy related. I was having days that I could not breath out of my nose due to Allergies and the food I was eating. This negatively impacted my workouts. After the Paleo challenge and eating clean I noticed, for the first time in years, I was able to breath through my nose. The inflammation was diminished and for the first time in years I could smell something. What a gift, I could smell after years of nothing.

If that was not enough, I started noticing that I do not get as sore with my workouts and trust me, at Strongside I do way more than just walk on the treadmill like I used to! I am now apart of an amazing community of people who want to get better and it makes doing burpees and pushups, olympic lifting, hand stand (yes, I can now do hand stands!), lifting weights, running and wall balls, so much better! The best part is I can hang with people half my age! No more barely being able to wear the “one size fits all” drape at the hair salon, or the embarrassment of the towel at the gym not going around my body enough after a shower at the gym. No more not being able to cross my legs like a lady, I now wear shirts and feel feminine. I have lost 35 pounds and more than one foot in inches all over my body with this challenge. My blood work greatly improved and I no longer have high blood pressure. I actually had a customer at my business not recognize me from behind thinking I was in my 40’s not my 50’s.

The kicker, (as if I needed more proof) after I did the blood work, I decided to eat some wheat and sugar. Well, after a waffle, cookies and bread sticks over a weekend, I was reminded why Paleo and clean food are the fountain of health. My nose acted up, I felt lethargic almost like I was about to get the flu and I realized, this is how I use to feel all the time. So, I decided the bottom line is I am not stopping.

Before I conclude, I have to mention that I am not a follower until I believe. Mitchel helped to challenge me not only by sharing the knowledge he has gained over years of study but by encouraging me to grow, learn and work toward a healthier me. He gave me sources to read and research for myself about how food and exercise can heal and strengthen our bodies. I cannot remember when I have felt this good, and I surely do not feel like I am 53. This way of eating is the true fountain of youth.

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