Author: Mitchel Black

January 15th – 21st 2018

Week 1 In Meso Cycle 2 of 2018
“Lean & Mean”

Week 1 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 1 Of 5

1.) We are now in a new training cycle! Wooooo!!! The last training cycle “Jacked & Tan” built a lot of strength, it gave amazing foundation and it trained you to be strong! We are now leading into “Lean & Mean” where the purpose of this training cycle is to get lean and get mean!! :). We will be head down, focusing on The Open staring Feb 22nd. More details will come via email, the Facebook group and classes.
2.) We will take the strength you have built and apply it in capacity work. Repeat intervals, IWT sessions and a lot of WOD’s. You will not lose you “GAINZZZ” you will apply your “GAINZZZ” to the WOD’s which is your sport. Your sport will get better, your fitness will get better, and your health will get better – that is what we are after.
3.) The first few weeks of this cycle will be very challenging as you will feel like you’ve lost your aerobic capacity – not true. You’re simply changing your focus a tad. We are chasing capacity for a purpose, The Open (and because alternating training cycles is how training works).
4.) Remember that the hardest options are on the board. We will scale everything as needed. Do not worry, I got you :). Some of you may be new, or you may see things that are scary – don’t worry! Everyone has a starting point and we are here to build you the body you want and deserve. Just like the beginning of any training cycle, this will challenge you and feel a good bit different.


January 15th – 20th 2018

Week 3 Of 4 In Micro Cycle


Pre Warm-Up
3 rounds
10 band pull apart
10 band row
10 band good morning
3 rounds
10 KBS
10 sit-ups


Snatch Drills


A.) Full Snatch
6×1-1 @ 82.5-85%


B.) Snatch Balance + 1 OHS
7min of practice – advance on last week


C.) Snatch Grip Complex
2 Snatch Grip DL + 3 Snatch Grip RDL


D.) 3 Rounds
15 Hip Extension (may use plate)
Max Reps – Strict Pull-Ups


Cool Down
1.) Row 750m
2.) 2min in pike stretch
3.) Foam roll hamstrings and


Pre Warm-Up
3 rounds with sling shot
5 lateral steps
5 high knee
5 squats
3 rounds
5 sit-ups


C&J Drills


A.) Clean
5×1-1 @ 85-87.5%


B.) Split Jerk From Rack
4×2 @ 85-87.5%


C.) 5sets
1 PP + 2 Thrusters + 3 FS @ 65% pf 1R C&J +


D.) 4sets
8 lateral box step ups to each leg
10 hip extensions + 15sec iso hold


Cool Down
1.) Row 500m
2.) Spend 90sec in a pike on each leg
3.) Foam rol glutes