Author: Mitchel Black


Pre Warm-Up
3 Rounds
10m butt kicks
10m high knee
5 burpee no push-up
30 KBS










Cool Down

March 19th – 24th 2018

Week 10 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018

Week 5 Of 5 In Micro Cycle 2 Of 5


1.) It’s here!! The final week of the 2018 CrossFit Open!! This is it – lets end this thing with a bang and have so much fun!! This has truly been special, I cannot say enough great things. We have had so many people get their first HSPU, their first DU, beat a personal best, or overcome an objective they thought was impossible. People have said multiple times “I didn’t think I could do that” or “I never would have done that if it wasn’t for the open” – Boom! That is what it’s all about! I’m so proud of all of you guys!!
2.) We have a final week of de-load and a new micro cycle starts next week :). We pretty much know it’s either thrusters or wall balls this week. You will be lifting heavy with some complexity this week. There is a good chance you’ll be on the rig for C2B pull-ups this week so we have you on it one day to keep your shoulder fresh but hands safe. The heavy days we have are about keeping the muscle stimulus high while slowing you to recover.
3.) Next week we will be in a completely different objective and I’ll go over that a lot – we will be out of a competitive setting and the intensity will go down a little. For now, let’s have so much fun! Enjoy the final week and al your success!! 🙂


April 19th – 24th 2018

Week 4 Of 4 In Micro Cycle


Pre Warm-Up
3 Rounds
10 Band Pull Apart
10 Band Row
10 Cuff Isolation
3 Rounds
10 KBS
5 Burpees
10 Sit-Up


Snatch Drills


A.) Snatch From Below Knee
5×2 – No % work up from last week


B.) Snatch Complex
5×1 from below knee + 1 from floor


C.) Deficit Snatch Pull – Chinese
4×3 @ 90% of 1RM Snatch


D.) 3 Rounds
10 Snatch Grip Pendlay Row
20 Hip Thrust


Cool Down
1.) Row 750m
2.) Foam roll t-spine & lats


Pre Warm-Up
3 Rounds
10 lunges
10 sit-ups
10 squats
3 Rounds
15sec plank
10 BB thrusters


C&J Drills


A.) 6 Sets Of This Complex @ 87.5-92%
1 Hang Clean + 1 Clean From Below Knee


B.) 4 Sets – No % but increase from last week
1 PC + 1 Clean + 2 FS


C.) Jerk
4×3 – see what you got 🙂


D.) Deficit Clean Pull
3×4 @ 110% of 1RM Clean


Cool Down
1.) Row 750m
2.) Foam roll hamstrings and t-spine
3.) 3min AB