Ariel clean philosophy

At Strongside, we care about one thing – making people better. Our goal is to be the leading facility in coaching, education, and performance. Our job at Strongside is to make the member reach any goal regardless of where he or she starts. We take a systematic approach to training that involves proper progression for optimum results. We do not believe in the “no pain, no gain” mentality. We do believe in very hard work, and we do expect 100% of your effort. We understand that everyone’s 100% is different and we only expect your best, not your best compared to someone else. Everyone is different, and we want to make you as good as you can be.

Our coaches are different because they are nationally certified personal trainers, hold degrees in a related field, are USA Weightlifting Coaches, and have the CrossFit L1 certifications. We also have a nutrition coach, corrective exercise specialist, and physical therapist on staff. We use our knowledge as a platform to create your performance. We do not focus on weight loss goals; instead, we focus on performance goals. Our main goal at Strongside is to make our clients better by reaching performance goals, such as running a 6-minute mile, achieving a 200lb snatch, a body weight back squat and more. We keep you focused on your performance rather than stepping on a scale and feeling defeated. Day in and day out, we make people better.

What does “making people better” mean? So many of us workout in a gym every day and never get to apply our fitness. Along with that, most exercises that people perform in a conventional, gym setting do not train them for long-term success in functional movements. At Strongside, we want…fitness. We want you to get up off the ground without a problem, to help a friend move, to go skiing and rock climbing, to walk around the mall, or even to just walk up the stairs without getting winded.

The coaches at Strongside focus on movements that make life easier. No longer will you feel as if you don’t have enough energy for life; in fact; shortly after you join, you will ask everyone in your life to keep up with you. Your work capacity will increase, the weight will fall off and you will feel amazing. The programming for each workout is well thought out at Strongside and operates in meso-cycles. This is why at Strongside we advocate that if you want to get better, come here.